Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Our team members are dedicated to the success of both our
customers and our company. The relationships we forge are long lasting because we know that we rely completely on the success of our customers. Our frequent events are intended to develop our knowledge of what is important to our customers.

 Rob Conaway – General Manager
 Garth Castle – Branch Manager/ Director of Purchasing
 Julia Keyser – Administrative Director
 Dan Hartman – Business Developer
 Tommy Klinedinst – Assistant Purchaser

Lisbon Sales Team

 Andy Morton
 James Walsh
 Michael Beale
 Amanda Stegmiller – Admin. Assistant

Leesburg Sales Team
 Matt Newkirk
 Dina Hill
 Paul Sabelhaus
 Ingrid Wilson – Admin. Assistant

Delivery Team
 William Ceballos – Fleet Manager
 Steve Anderson
 Gustavo Avila
 Max Osorio
 Wilmer Roque

Lisbon Nursery Team

Richard Graves Sr – Assistant Nursery Manager
Raffie Perea
Brian Purdum
Cesar Gonzalez
Richard Graves Jr
Jose Rios

Leesburg Nursery Team

Seth Jester – Nursery Manager
Henry Sosa
Patrick Taylor
David Crusado