Country Springs Wholesale Nursery

Country Springs offers one of the largest wholesale inventories in the region providing our customers with a diverse selection of high quality plant material. Our entire staff is dedicated to consistently providing our clients with the essential ingredients they need to be successful. We are committed to providing unbeatable yard service, fast load time, dependable on-time delivery service, the very best plant material and we have on staff experienced and knowledgeable sales people to assist you.Lisbon Wholesale Nursery

Country Springs first opened the Clarksville, MD branch in 1998 which was relocated to Lisbon, MD in March of 2012. The Clarksville opening was followed by the opening of the Leesburg, VA branch in 2006.
Our Maryland facility has a 200 acre nursery and each location enjoys 14 acre distribution yards. We are a rapidly expanding nursery and we are constantly evolving to better serve our customers.