Punxsutawney Phil Declares 2016…

Get Ready Folks…Spring is almost here… and we have proof right from Punxsutawney Phil!

Punxsutawney Phil Video

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Groundhog Day:

  • Yes! Punxsutawney Phil is the only true weather forecasting groundhog. The others are just impostors.
  • How often is Phil’s prediction correct? 100% of the time, of course!
  • How many “Phils” have there been over the years? There has only been one Punxsutawney Phil. He has been making predictions for over 125 years!
  • Punxsutawney Phil gets his longevity from drinking the “elixir of life,” a secret recipe. Phil takes one sip every summer at the Groundhog Picnic and it magically gives him seven more years of life.
  • On February 2, Phil comes out of his burrow on Gobbler’s Knob – in front of thousands of followers from all over the world – to predict the weather for the rest of winter.
  • According to legend, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter weather. If he does not see his shadow, there will be an early spring.
  • No! Phil’s forecasts are not made in advance by the Inner Circle. After Phil emerges from his burrow on February 2, he speaks to the Groundhog Club president in “Groundhogese”(a language only understood by the current president of the Inner Circle). His proclamation is then translated for the world.
  • The celebration of Groundhog Day began with Pennsylvania’s earliest settlers. They brought with them the legend of Candlemas Day, which states, “For as the sun shines on Candlemas Day, so far will the snow swirl in May…”
  • Punxsutawney held its first Groundhog Day in the 1800s. The first official trek to Gobbler’s Knob was made on February 2, 1887.
  • So the story goes, Punxsutawney Phil was named after King Phillip. Prior to being called Phil, he was called Br’er Groundhog.

Reprinted from The Punxsutawney Groundhog Club website; Click here for more.

Country Springs Community Outreach Program

Country Springs Wholesale Nursery is grateful to have an opportunity to be involved in our Community with our Community Outreach Program. Giving back to our community provides an examKO Rosesple for business and individuals and always improves our lives and the lives of those around us.

Woodbine Community Outreach

In 2013 we were contacted by a prospective Eagle Scout for his scouting project. The scope of his project included the beautification of Calvary Lutheran Church, a local church in Woodbine, MD. Upon receipt of the request for materials, we were able to fulfill the request as a donation. It was a complete success as can be seen in the picture.

Arbutus Community Outreach

This year once again our community outreach team was made aware of an Eagle Scout Project in Arbutus, MD. Along with our friends from Techo Bloc, we were able to deliver another donation to assist in the completion of a sidewalk and landscaping at the Arbutus Santa’s House. More information about this community outreach project is below and the story of the Santa House can be found by clicking Santa’s picture.

Community Outreach - Santa House

Recognition at our Turkey Cook-off

Our friends from the Arbutus Santa’s House surprised us by showing up at our recent event and presented Country Springs & Techo Bloc with commendations for the donations to their community outreach program. We are thankful for the support of our community and wish everyone a joyous Holiday Season.